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Folheando as revistas internacionais, entre ontem e hoje

domingo, fevereiro 18, 2007
Este fim-de-semana, a propósito da Globalização e do Aquecimento Global, estes artigos chamaram-me a atenção:

  • How Globalization Went Bad From terrorism to global warming, the evils of globalization are more dangerous than ever before. What went wrong? The world became dependent on a single superpower. Only by correcting this imbalance can the world become a safer place. By Steven Weber, Naazneen Barma, Matthew Kroenig, Ely Ratner
  • The 2006 Globalization Index It’s a small world, and globalization is making it smaller, even in the face of conflict and chaos. For the sixth year, FP in collaboration with A.T. Kearney, sorts out globalization’s winners and losers. Find out which countries come out on top and which ones are falling behind.
    By FOREIGN POLICY & A.T. Kearney
  • Global Warming: How Cap-and-Trade Could Replace Foreign Aid Developing countries could earn tens of billions of dollars from pollution credits thanks to climate change—and make foreign aid a thing of the past in the process.
    By Alex Evans

E a propósito do fenómeno YouTube, que não sai nem do top dos mouse-clicks dos utilizadores, nem da ordem do dia das reflexões e problematizações cibernaúticas:

  • The YouTube Effect How a technology for teenagers became a force for political and economic change.
    By Moisés Naím
  • The List: The Next YouTube
    Social networking software—the people-powered technology that drove YouTube to a $1.65 billion sale to Google and catapulted MySpace to #1 online—is all the rage in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street. In this week's List, FP takes a look at the technologies, services, and ideas to watch in the months and years ahead.

posted by Margarida C. on 5:38 da tarde

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